Creative Humans #1: Gabriel Novis

At our core; CREATIVITY. We truly believe that our finest inspirations in life come from those we surround ourselves with. We are lucky the world is small and similar minds find one another. Gabriel Novis is one of our largest inspirations. He has a creative outlook like no other and his passion for life runs deep. He’s wise beyond his years, yet hungry and driven like no other. Creative Priority is honored to have Gabriel Novis apart of the family.

For 24 hours, we had the opportunity to follow Gabriel Novis - surfer, cinematographer, martian, friend, poké lover, photographer, entrepreneur and creative in its deepest form- through his turf in Los Angeles, California. Gabriel leads a life he can truly call his own. Through his one-of-a-kind creativity and outlook on life, we learned more than we ever thought. Take a step into Gabriel’s world. It’s unlike any other.

“We have to experience the most, we have to do as many things as we can while we're here.”

- Gabriel Novis

in depth with Gabriel Novis

Produced by: Creative Priority

Directed by: Logan Kruse

Cinematography: Spencer Aston

16mm: Spencer Aston

Edited by Spencer Aston

Apparel Design: Creative Priority

Still Photography: Logan Kruse

Music by: Blanco Niño

Featuring: Gabriel Novis

Gabriel Novis

Age: 28
Occupation: Creative.

Creative Profile: hailing from são palo, brazil. this is Mr. Novis.

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“My dad used to be a surf photographer so I was already immersed into this universe of taking photos. I always had a dream to come to California. I didn't know anything about it but I was inspired by the surf and skate culture here.”


“Surfing is how I keep my body functioning and my mind clear.”

“Most of my inspiration comes from traveling. Traveling, I say, is the healthiest kind of inspiration you can get because there's not one style. When you travel you see it all - you see everything - so you can come up with something unique.”


“In the future I want to see myself right now.  I want to be doing what I'm doing now.


“We have to experience the most, we have to do as many things as we can while we're here.”


“The universe is all about energy. The happiness we put out, that's energy, and it's the only thing that grows. Energy never disappears.”

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