A Glimpse of NYC with Rhamier Auguste

We live in a world more connected than ever. In the click of a button you can be in touch with almost anyone. In less than 24 hours, you can travel to almost anywhere. At Creative Priority, we embrace the era, not crippled by the influx of information & instantaneous access to people and places, instead we’re energized by connecting.

As cliché as it can sound, the experience is everything and without a bit of spontaneity to add to the adventure, nothing is gained. We take pride in the process and realize that every momentous detail counts to create anything larger than ourselves.

A beautiful example of our work taking a turn from chaos to order was this past Spring. One of our newest employees, Logan Kruse, a young hungry photographer & creative was traveling post-grad to Nicaragua on a celebratory surf trip with friends. Little did they know that they’d be landing in the middle of political turmoil and social unrest amongst strikes & disorder in a country shifting governmental shape. Logan was expected to join the Creative Priority team on a private island in Maine, but long story short, took an off-the-record flight out of a grass field in a sub-par 4-seater plane to Managua and ended up at John F. Kennedy airport in New York City - missing our photoshoot in New England.

Nothing lost, he was in one of the greatest cities in the world. The center of the universe where everything is happening, the big apple. He called in a few favors and ended up on an impromptu New York City rendezvous with Rhamier Auguste. Logan’s agenda and creative direction, was see the city through Rhamier’s point of view.

The result, a brilliant walk-about through cityscapes of Rhamier’s favorite areas of Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. Wearing only faded mauve from up and coming sustainable fashion brand, Roamers.

Rhamier, born & bred in the heart of Queens is a talented model, fashion designer, and stylist. With his unique set of skills and eye for design, here is his perspective on roaming the enchanted streets of New York City seeking inspiration in the simple things from Vogue to ice cream before bed.

Photos, of course, by Mr. Logan Kruse.






Rhamier Auguste

Age: 27
Occupation: Fashion Designer and Stylist


You grew up in Queens, did you know at a young age that you wanted to pursue fashion? What brought you into this world and industry?


“I have always been interested in fashion. But in one of my art classes in High School, we studied figure drawing which eventually became "fashion drawing". I used old issues of Vogue as a reference and it slowly turned into something I was curious about. This curiosity eventually developed into a passion.”



Where do you get your inspiration from?


“My inspiration comes from art school but especially horror movies and David Lynch.”





Could you give us a quick description of your perfect day?


“Waking up early, going to a museum or gallery followed by a long walk. Ideally, ending the day having a drink with friends and eating ice cream before bed.”



Speaking of drinks, do you have a favorite bar or spot that you like to go to in Brooklyn?


“Doris is my favorite bar. It's not far from where I live and everyone's usually drunk and beautiful.”



Any food for thought that you’d like to pass on to others?


“When it comes to the end goal, keep it in perspective, not at the forefront of your mind. How you get there is equally as important.”


Charlotte Wyatt