Creative Priority – Who We Are

A collective of creative brand strategists, Creative Priority specializes in developing emerging and existing brands within the fashion and outdoor lifestyle industries.

Fueled by a team of young innovative minds with a fresh outlook, and an insatiable appetite for success, CPBM is a one-stop-shop for brand management. Our team is comprised of artists from all walks of creative life; graphic designers, production specialists, media managers and sales personnel – CPBM has your needs as a brand completely covered. Treating any sales or branding project as if it were our own in-house endeavor, we primarily look to build an ever-lasting foundation for a brand to rest its image upon; creativity is our founding pillar of that structure. From that creative structure we are capable of developing brand strategy and persona as well as producing sales.

Moreover, with a constantly expanding network of industry influencers, wholesalers and retailers, CPBM is set up to market or sell your brand successfully in any affiliating market.

What We Do

Direction + Strategy

Branding + Identity

Strategic Planning

Mixed Marketing

Go-To Market Strategy

Social Strategy

Multi-level Trend Analysis


Logo Creation

Art Direction

Marketing + POP Collateral

UI/UX + Mobile App Design

Print + Ad Development

Product + Lifestyle Photography


Product Development

Line Building

Material Sourcing

Cut + Sew Manufacturing

US based Garment Mfg.

Screen Printing


Market Specific Representation

Strategic Policy Planning

Vendor On-boarding

North + Southwest Territory Specialists

Nat'l +Int'l Product Placement